SONNET 1 (Shakespearean Style)

Sep 4, 2012 2 comments

Your fingerprints were all around the room,
Your smell fragmented every corner there;
The aura forced our memories to fume,
Numb I was standing in to a past bare.
Maroon bed sheet reflected roses’ shade,
The meeting hands on wall revived night first;
When melted our mass with the candles’ fade,
And left me sore as you too soothed your lust.
But then your swift inactiveness dissed me
n’ my ling’ring agony; your free fall sleep
now cozied me up in flawed morning glory,
Once more the itch’d set n’ me- a burning creep.
Just letting our hair down is what we wish,
But test naively as me, the poor fish!

P.S.- My first Sonnet written in Shakespearean style of iambic pentameter.


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